A comprehensive water offering from Wasser Berlin International


The Wasser Berlin International event taking place at the end of March (28-31) will be offering a packed programme of features for visitors to the long-running German exhibition and conference.

The latest of the Blue Planet Berlin Water Dialogues will be held. This political forum for water and wastewater management was launched in 2011. It aims to provide a platform for cooperation, as well as a forum for promoting the export of German expertise worldwide.

There will be a young water professionals programme, and a careers day on the Friday featuring special access for students and a career opportunities focus in the congress.

The public interactive show WASsERLEBEN will offer an opportunity for visitors of all ages to learn about water and water jobs and to carry out experiments.

Alongside these and other activities, the main conference programme will include a keynote session on shaping the future of water, with sessions on subsequent days on water supply and on wastewater. Other sessions include a special flood management symposium, the Berlin Water Dialogues focus on wastewater as an uptapped resources, and sessions on innovation and on holistic approaches.

All of this is backed by the established trade fair displaying the latest products and services on offer.

See: www.wasser-berlin.de


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