DAF to optimise biodiesel fats, oil and grease recovery

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A new biodiesel production plant being built in Cheshire, northeast England, is deploying dissolved air flotation wastewater treatment technology to optimise the recovery of the waste fats, oils and grease the site will be processing to produce the fuel, at the same time ensuring the site meets its requirements for discharging treated wastewater to sewer.

The new plant located in Ellesmere Port will be the second UK installation for Argent Energy. The company’s existing plant in Motherwell, Scotland, produces 50 million litres a year of biofuel which is blended with regular diesel for retail sale and used in bio-blends by bus and truck fleets.

The contract for the Cheshire plant was awarded to engineering company AECOM and the dissolved air flotation wastewater treatment system has been provided by WPL.

See: www.wplinternational.com


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