Dutch progress on protein from wastewater

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Researchers in the Netherlands are working to scale up the production of single cell protein from wastewater, and have launched a website dubbing the concept ‘Power-to-Protein’.

According to one of the research partners, KWR, work is underway on the design and construction of a pilot installation able to produce one kilogramme of protein a day, allowing the concept to be tested at site level this year. This work follows progress made running a laboratory scale reactor.

The research team comprises KWR, Avecom, Waternet, waste energy company AEB, Waterkracht and Barentz Food & Nutrition. According to KWR, one of the aims of the pilot work will be to test the quality and the quality control of the protein produced.

In order to promote and expand understanding of the potential of single cell protein produced from wastewater, KWR and partner TKI Water Technology have launched a website www.powertoprotein.eu. Potential uses include the production of animal feed or even food.


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