Further Australian successes for TaKaDu

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In the latest updates from Israeli smart water network software as a service provider TaKaDu, the company has announced that it is to provde its solution to Gold Coast Water and Waste in southeast Queensland, Australia. The company also announced it is extending an agreement with Unitywater, also in the same region.

Gold Coast Water and Waste is to use TaKaDu’s integrated event management solution as part of a wider range of measures to improve the performance of its water distribution network. These include greater use of district metered areas and investing in a new SCADA system. The aim is to improve efficiency and reduce losses.

In a statement released by TaKaDu, Gold Coast Water and Waste Director Paul Heaton is quoted as saying: ‘We’re collecting a lot of raw data and wanted to find the best way of analysing it and gaining visibility and knowledge to make smarter decisions. ‘With TaKaDu, we’re about to know about events, measure how much water is being used, manage and resolve incidents such as leaks more efficiently, and improve network performance.’

Unitywater and TaKaDu have been working together since 2013, and last year the utility began offering TaKaDu’s cloud-based solution to other utilities in Queensland. The latest agreement is for three years and extends work to improve network efficiency, customer service and water loss at Unitywater, which serves Moreton Bay, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.


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