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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which has emerged as an influential force in the debate around the circular economy, has published its latest contribution – a book bringing together contributions from a number of leading thinkers exploring aspects of the new approach to development.

The book, ‘A New Dynamic 2: Effective systems in a circular economy’, is the second in the Foundation’s ‘A New Dynamic’ series. It includes articles from 18 thought leaders from different backgrounds. These include one by Martin Stuchtey and Morten Rossé on the application of the circular economy approach to global agriculture, and another by Michael Pawlyn on using ecosystem models to create a system in which waste is treated as a nutrient or an underutilised resource.

The publisher says the book ‘brings together thought leaders who can see beyond the boundaries of their respective areas of expertise, and establish the necessary connections to re-think our current development path’, adding that it is ‘a must-read for anyone eager to grasp the issues of the circular economy, with a view to ultimately contributing to this transition’.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

February 2016, paperback, 212 pages

Price: £18.00

ISBN: 9780992778446

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