Pump efficiency launches from Xylem

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Xylem has launched two additions aimed at improving pumping efficiency to its Flygt range. These include the Flygt Concertor, an intelligent wastewater pumping system, and the Flygt FGC400 wastewater pump controller.

The Flygt Concertor covers the 2.2 to 7.3 kW range, combining IE4 motor efficiency, Flygt’s non-clog ‘N-hydraulics’, integrated power electronics and intelligent controls. According to the company, the new smart system senses the operating environment, and adapts performance in real time and provides feedback to operators. On the basis of field trials, the company claims energy savings of up to 70% compared to conventional pumping systems, reduced inventory by up to 80%, savings of up to 80% in vacuum cleaning costs, and cabinet size reduction of up to 50%.

Xylem says the Concertor has a wide performance field from which the correct operating point can be chosen, and a built-in sump and pipe-cleaning features, which it says is a first for a wastewater pumping system.

Xylem’s other launch, the Flygt FGC400, is a self-contained controller that can be connected to one or two pumps, so that operators can alternate between pumps, track performance, and undertake maintenance. It features built-in energy measurement, data loggers and level measurement.


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