Software upgrade enhances wastewater energy assessment capabilities

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An upgrade to the BioWin software offered by Canadian company EnviroSim Associates has added new energy use functionality and user enhancements to the wastewater plant simulator.

BioWin is a wastewater treatment process simulator that combines biological, chemical, and physical process models. BioWin 5.0, launched in February, offers a range of features allowing users to calculate power requirements and track energy consumption. It covers plant elements such as blowers, mixing, pumping, heating, and surface aeration. New functions include the possibility to generate power / energy use plots automatically and to track the power required to pump various flows taking account of factors such as pipe material and diameter.

According to EnviroSim, other power requirement features of the software include the ability to calculate the needs for anaerobic digesters and to explore onsite CHP engine power generation and heat recovery options.

BioWin 5.0 also allows users to track operating costs relating to energy and chemical consumption and to sludge disposal. Seasonal and three different daily electricity tariffs can be factored in, and new functionality inclues the use of pre-defined cost tables and automatic generation of cost plots.

The company also says the updated software includes a number of usability improvements, allowing for example easier adjustment of factors relating to diffuser arrangements and wastewater characteristics affecting oxygen transfer.



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