Suez announces Lausanne contract win

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Suez announced at the end of May that it has been selected along with partner Techfina to undertake wastewater treatment improvements with micropollutant removal for the Swiss city of Lausanne, as reported in the February issue of Aqua Strategy.

Contracts were awarded by Epura, a company wholly owned by the city and created in September 2015 to oversee the improvements to the Vidy wastewater treatment plant. Suez and its Swiss partner will build facilities to treat wastewater, micropollutants and sewage sludge for a 400,000 population equivalent capacity under three contracts worth Euro56 million in total.

The project to modernise the treatment plant will bring water quality benefits to Lake Geneva. It will feature use of Suez’s Microblue technology combining ozone and powdered activated carbon for the removal of more than 80% of the micropollutants entering the plant. Upgrading of the wastewater treatment will deploy the Densadeg and Biofor technologies. Anaerobic digestion will be added to exploit the potential for power generation from biogas in the plant’s sludge processing, with the total potential for power production at the plant put at around 30 GWh/year.

The city has been supported in its work by BG Consulting Engineers and Holinger.

According to Suez, Epura has taken over the property and fixed assets of the Vidy treatment plant and is now managing the improvement projects. Its role is to collect and treat wastewater from the plant catchment, and to collect, treat and dispose of sewage sludge and other waste. Suez says that Epura can also be engaged by other localities for the management and operation of their wastewater and fresh water evacuation networks.


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