June 2016

This issue's cover story introduces the recovery of phosphates from sewage for recycling in fertilisers. We look at micropollutants and details of investigations into treatment options in Sweden. Other features look at the latest wastewater progress in the Danish city of Aarhus and progress in China for Californian company Energy Recovery Inc.

April 2016

This issue's cover story introduces articles on a core theme of Aqua Strategy: utility management. We have a feature on the emerging topic of micropollutants, with insights from Switzerland. Further features take a look at water sector opportunities in China and at water sector innovation.

February 2016

Launch edition with three features on the emerging issue of micropollutants, including the action being taken in Switzerland. Further features look at the increasing efforts to change the energy outlook for water utilities, and at how the SmartWater4Europe initiative is supporting progress with smart water utilities.