How to navigate the digital water maze

Smart water utilities


What do leading water utilities and providers of services and technologies recommend in order to steer a path through the maze of digital options and opportunities? Keith Hayward heard some suggestions.

Navigate the digital water maze (© ImageFlow / Shutterstock)
Navigate the digital water maze (© ImageFlow / Shutterstock)

1: Destination data

‘Of course water is essential to life, but I would like it that we also start thinking about data becoming an extremely valuable resource for utilities,’ says Naji Najjar, Global Water Segment Sales Leader at IT giant IBM. In fact, he sees that data will be of such fundamental importance to water utilities that they need to embrace this as part of their identities. ‘There is a need for water utilities to drive towards what I consider is going to become like a digital utility,’ he says. ‘A digital utility has a completely different set of characteristics to the current utilities that exist now. Of course the infrastructure is going to be there, operational skills are going to be there, [but] there is a need for a different set of skills.’

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