Intensity sensor enhancement for UV-LED disinfection

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AquiSense Technologies' PearlAqua Micro
AquiSense Technologies' PearlAqua Micro

AquiSense Technologies has revealed the latest improvements to its UV-LED water disinfection product range, featuring in particular the addition of the option to include a built-in UV intensity sensor.

The company launched the Micro UV versions of its PearlAqua technology earlier this year in response to demand for even lower flow rates from what the company describes as ‘the world’s smallest ultraviolet water treatment system’. Introduction of the UV intensity sensor option has been accompanied by four additional models. The company says six discrete configurations are now available to allow optimisation based on process water conditions, and that a number of other improvements have increased the applicability and east of adoption of the systems.

‘These systems have been field tested by many leading global OEMs in a variety of markets including commercial, medical, transportation, residential, and life sciences,’ commented company CEO Oliver Lawal in a statement released by the company. ‘We have been pleased with the results and admire the creativity of our partners in applying this technology often in applications we never envisioned.’


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