Launch for German desalination system powered by renewables

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Cologne-based Membran-Filtrations-Technik has launched a containerised desalination system that is powered by wind and solar energy, providing a means of producing drinking water in remote locations.

Each containerised system can produce up to 120 litres/hour of drinking water. The system features a 7.5kWp photovoltaic power supply and a 350W wind turbine. These drive treatment of either seawater or brackish water via energy storage in lithium-ion batteries.

The company is part of the Aquarion Group. According to Aquarion, the first MFT RO 100 desalination plant has been shipped to a school in La Guajira in Colombia. It says this was a first step in operating a large number of decentralised and carbon dioxide emission-free drinking water systems via a centralised cloud-based platform powered exlusively by renewable sources.


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