Launch of radar-based sensor for level measurement

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UK-based Pulsar Process Measurement has launched a radar-based sensor to add to its range of level measurement and control technologies, extending its non-contact measurement options beyonds its traditional ultrasonic offering.

The company’s new mmWAVE sensor is a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) transducer. According to the company, the transducer has a range of 16 metres and an accuracy of +/- 2mm. It says that radar is a preferable option to ultrasonic measurement where there are variations in temperature or gas composition, and extremes of fog, haze, mist or rain. The company claims that FMCW radar offers significant advantages over pulsed radar systems in terms of higher resolution, better signal to noise ratio, and better target discrimination.

Pulsar adds that the new mmWAVE sensors are compatible with its existing controllers, meaning the new sensors can be retrofitted into existing applications.


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