Miniaturised ozone treatment wins award recognition

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A water treatment system featuring use of miniaturised ozone disinfection has received recognition at the UK’s BusinessGreen Technology Awards, receiving a highly commended award in the breakthrough of the year category.

The technology is called Aqua21, and is being developed by a company of the name name, with original development by Imperial College London. The system combines ozone treatment with IoT-enable sensing, opening the way for small and energy efficient applications. According to the company, this opens up potential uses such as cleaning dirty water at the point of use in developing countries, in-farm irrigation systems capable of delivering higher water quality prior to harvesting, or in hospitals to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

According to the company, the technology has received grants and support from the scientific community, and it is now seeking further investment and funding partnerships to bring the product to market.

In a statement from the company, Trevor Costello, inventor and chief technology officer, said that the miniaturisation of ozone treatment opens the way for wider use of this type of disinfection. ‘We’ve integrated this with sensing technology, so that we can test in real time the quality of the water and the amount of ozone needed to treat it, and we can create an IoT network of sensors that can talk to each other. This gives it huge potential and endless possibilities,’ he said.


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