Preparing for the next phase of water reuse in Europe

Water reuse


A new trade association, Water Reuse Europe, has just been launched. Keith Hayward heard from its chair, Professor Paul Jeffrey, about the organisation’s aims for promoting greater water reuse and supporting members in their efforts to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.

Professor Paul Jeffrey
Professor Paul Jeffrey

‘The argument for greater use of water reuse in Europe has been there for 20, 25 years now,’ comments Professor Paul Jeffrey. Jeffrey is the chair of a new association focused on this sector, Water Reuse Europe. Though an academic himself, at the UK’s Cranfield University, he explains that the launch is aimed very much at the business community. ‘Water Reuse Europe is there primarily for industry: for water suppliers, equipment manufacturers, consultants,’ he comments. The hope is that by coming together in the association, they can both promote and benefit from more widespread application of reuse.

‘Water Reuse Europe is trying to provide some critical mass and impetus behind the reuse sector, which is growing slowly but has a huge space to grow into,’ continues Jeffrey. Bringing businesses together with the aim, for example, of sharing good practice will ‘boost what could be a very fast-growing sector over the next 10 or 15 years in Europe,’ he says.

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