Senegal water win for Veolia subsidiary OTV

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Veolia subsidiary OTV has won a contract to design and build a 40,000m3/day water treatment plant in Dakar, Senegal.

As some of the city’s water comes from boreholes with a high iron content, local utility SONES decided to have an iron removal treatment plant built to improve the water quality.

The treatment train will consist of raw water aeration, physical-chemical treatment and sand filtration followed by chlorine disinfection using on-site electrochlorination.

The contract represents revenues of €7.6 million, Veolia said in a statement. The project forms part of state-owned SONES’ programme to substantially increase the supply of drinking water to Dakar and its suburbs, and to improve the quality of the water provided.

The project is being financed with a loan from the West African Development Bank.


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