Solinst adds combined level and temperature meter

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Ontario-based Solinst Canada has added the Model 201 WLT Meter to its Water Level Meter range, combining water level and temperature measurement.

Features of the new meter include measurement of temperature from -20degC to 125degC with an accuracy of +/-0.5degC, with no user calibration required. The IP68-rated probe can be submerged to 300m. A buzzer and light are activated when the probe first contacts the water. Water levels are read from a PVDF flat tape, available in lengths of up to 600m. A standard 9V battery provides 90 hours of on time.

According to Solinst, the meter is suitable for applications such as: profiling temperature in wells, tanks and surface water; detecting runoff, points of inflow, or sources of thermal pollution; early warning of changes in water quality; aquatic environmental monitoring; and geothermal surveys.

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