South West Water sewer level monitoring strategy sustains logger battery life

  • Technology

Deployment of battery-powered data loggers from Servelec Technologies by UK water utility South West Water to monitor sewer levels across its region is featuring a data collection and transmission scheme that is expected to achieve a battery life of up to five years.

South West Water is beginning to deploy Servelec’s Seprol S2000nano data loggers in its new wastewater event duration monitoring project. According to Servelec, the loggers will interrogate sewer levels via connected sensors every two minutes and archive this time-stamped data every 15 minutes. If sewer levels are high compared to stored reference values, event data will be transmitted via GSM communications to utility staff. Archived data required for regulatory reporting will also be recovered daily. This schedule will minimise communications, helping prolong battery life. The anticipated life of the lithium batteries is derived from tests based on South West Water’s application, according to Servelec.

The IP68-rated logger will be integrating directly with South West Water’s SCOPE SCADA and telemetry system, which includes over 3000 telemetry outstations monitoring and controlling boreholes, reservoir levels, and pumping stations.


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