Sustainable mining strategy launch by Anglo American

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Mining giant Anglo American has launched a sustainability strategy containing a series of goals to be achieved by 2030 as part of what the company says is an effort to re-imagine mining.

The goals feature an aim of reducing freshwater abstraction by 50% in water-scarce regions, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emisssions by 30% and improving energy efficiency by 30%. The company also aims to create five jobs off-site for every job on site in the communities within which it works, and to work with government to ensure every school in these communities performs amongst the top 20% of state schools in the country.

According to Anglo American, its sustainability strategy is part of its innovation-led FutureSmart Mining initiative. It says this is its blueprint for the future of the business – one in which says ‘all mines will be safer, more sustainable and efficient, and better harmonised with the needs of their host communities’.

In a statement released by the company, Chief Executive Mark Cutifani is quoted as saying: ‘If Anglo American is to play its part in creating a sustainable future for the world and improving the lives of all of us who live here, then we must be prepared to challenge our business and ourselves, by re-imagining mining.’

In the statement, he continues: ‘Delivering on these commitments will transform the way Anglo American does business… The financial benefits to our business by 2030 are expected to be significant, including from substantially reduced energy and water costs. At the same time, we expect our innovative approach and the technologies we are developing to open up new mineral resource opportunities for us over the medium term.’


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