Veolia supports water innovation progress in North America

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International water technology company Veolia has been involved recently in two separate initiatives in North America that will benefit water sector innovation.

The company was one of the backers of a new prize supported also by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and Wisconsin-based non-profit The Water Council.

One of the winning companies in the ‘Pow! emPowering Opportunities in Water’ competiion was Nano Gas Technologies, Inc, of Deerfield, Illinois, which uses nanobubbles of oxygen and other gases to support the recovery of oil and gas while recycling water.

Another was Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling (NRU) LLC, of Madison, Wisconsin, which uses a phosphate recovery technology to extract brushite from wastewater.

The third winner was WAVVE Stream, Inc, based in Houston, Texas, which uses an innovative biodegradable gel to help remove heavy metals and nutrients from water.

As well as cash prizes, the winners will receive other support to help them bring their technologies to market.

In a separate development, Canada’s GreenCentre, based at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, announced that it has contributed to the commercialisation of chemistry technologies by brokering a licensing agreement with Veolia Water Technologies for a method for measuring the concentration of polymer flocculants in wastewater streams in real time. The technology was originally developed by Professor Banu Örmeci of Carleton University and offers the potential for optimising flocculant use.


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