December 2017

In the December 2017 issue of Aqua Strategy, we look at the climate change and energy efficiency work of Portuguese water utility group Águas de Portugal, smart sewer network management in the Danish city of Kolding, innovation by the water utility serving Seville in Spain, and water tariffs and cost recovery in Greece.

October 2017

Sweden has carried out a great deal of research into the effects of pharmaceuticals in the environment and the possibilities of removing them at sewage treatment plants before they are released from what is one of the main routes to the environment. Feature articles in this issue focus on the recent report by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency recommending to the country's government that action is taken at treatment plants.

August 2017

A shift to a new energy and resource recovery paradigm features as part of the emerging ‘water utility of the future’ concept. The National Association of Clean Water Agencies in the US is one of the organisations championing this move, and in this issue’s cover story we speak with NACWA CEO Adam Krantz.

This move requires innovation, and investors have a role to play in water sector innovation. We also speak with Steve Kloos of True North Venture Partners who, like Adam Krantz, will be participating in the forthcoming World Water-Tech North America event.

June 2017

This edition looks at the UK’s Southern Water and its efforts to promote water efficiency to help ensure future supply security. Other features look at the research projects being supported by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation in the US to build smart water utilities, and at how Wessex Water in the UK is starting to roll out centralised control of pumping across its network.

April 2017

This edition features a review of some of the latest developments and trends around the topic of energy, as we build towards a bigger contribution to help answer the question, ‘Water utilities – what is your energy strategy?’. Other features pick up on the on-going conversations around how to achieve innovation in the water sector, present tips on how water utilities can approach the challenge of navigating the digital water maze, and provide insights into the strategy of emerging technology company Bactest.

February 2017

With growing interest in Europe in water reuse, this issue's cover story looks at the experiences of the Costa Brava region in north-eastern Spain, where reuse started almost 30 years ago. We look at research aimed at helping water utilities connect their data sources to create smart water systems. Other articles look at the growing number of projects using floating solar power on reservoirs, and at the Struvia struvite recovery technology of Veolia.

December 2016

Aqua Strategy reviews some of the developments over the last year with available and emerging technologies for recovering phosphorus from sewage. An interview with Martin Shouler of Arup on water sector innovation. Other features on the priorities for water utilities in Finland and on efforts to drive innovation in water supply networks at the UK utilities Anglian Water and Sutton & East Surrey Water.

October 2016

Cover story on the huge, five-year study underway in the UK to investigate trace pollutants discharged by sewage treatment works. Interviews with Professor Paul Jeffrey about the new Water Reuse Europe association and Phillip Abrary, Chairman and CEO of Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. Articles also on AquiSense and its breakthroughs with UVC-LEDs for water disinfection and on the work of the Danube Water Program.

August 2016

Articles on latest developments in water utility management, including the customer-focus goal of Sydney Water, the combined use of traditional and smart approaches to tackle leakage, and thoughts from book co-authors Pernille Ingildsen and Gustaf Olsson on how to adopt a smart strategy. Among other articles, Peter Gallant of Ontario's WaterTAP talks about how to promote innovation in the water sector, and we hear about progress on micropollutants in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

June 2016

This issue's cover story introduces the recovery of phosphates from sewage for recycling in fertilisers. We look at micropollutants and details of investigations into treatment options in Sweden. Other features look at the latest wastewater progress in the Danish city of Aarhus and progress in China for Californian company Energy Recovery Inc.