The water sector energy efficiency opportunity


As countries step up their search for ways to act on the global climate change commitments made in Paris last year, Keith Hayward spoke with Al Cho, Xylem’s VP Strategy and Business Development, about how investment in wastewater treatment efficiency can make an important contribution to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and the potential for efficiency contracts to inject the capital needed for these investments to be made.

Investing in wastewater energy efficiency for a greener future

Energy efficiency

Expenditure on infrastructure such as wastewater treatment systems represents investment in what are long-life assets, meaning there is good reason to make decisions based on whole life costs rather than just the upfront capital costs. But what if more efficient equipment could reduce overall costs and at the same time deliver much-needed cuts in greenhouse gas emissions? A recent report by international technology company Xylem provides an assessment to support precisely this idea. Keith Hayward takes a closer look at the findings.


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