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Site and content usage

Aqua Strategy is published by Aqua Fluency Ltd. All content both online and in print is copyright of Aqua Fluency Ltd, unless otherwise stated. Content must not be copied or reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Content is published in good faith and Aqua Fluency Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any reliance upon the published content.

Registered users

Aqua Fluency Ltd grants access to selected content of Aqua Strategy chosen at its own discretion to users registering on the Aqua Strategy website. Acceptance by Aqua Fluency Ltd of such registration requests places Aqua Fluency Ltd under no obligation to the registering users. Contact information collected through the registration process will be used by Aqua Fluency Ltd to promote Aqua Strategy to registered users, including but not limited to email notifications of available new content. No user details will be passed to third parties, other than as required for the distribution of communications on behalf of Aqua Fluency Ltd, e.g. the list hosting and emailing carried out through the MailChimp service. Registered users will be able to unsubscribe from such communications.

Subscriber terms and conditions


The subscription period runs for one year from the date of the subscription purchase. The publication frequency of Aqua Strategy is six times a year (2017). Subscription entitles the subscriber to receive in print or have access to online (as determined by the subscription type) the number of issues as set by the publication frequency, commencing with the issue immediately following the purchase date. Where subscriptions run into the subsequent calendar year, and if the annual publication frequency changes for that subsequent calendar year, then during that subsequent calendar year the subscriber will be entitled to receive issues published up to the end of the subscription period.

In the case of online subscriptions, subscriptions include online access during the subscription period to previously published issues and content.

Online password access

Individual subscriptions that include online access include password-controlled access. Subscriptions are for the use of the subscriber alone, and subscribers are not permitted to share or make available to others their password access. Aqua Fluency Ltd reserves the right to terminate subscriptions without refund where this is found to have been abused. Where access by multiple users is required, a Corporate subscription should be taken out.

Corporate online access

Online access for Corporate subscriptions is controlled by IP (Internet Protocol) address. The Corporate subscription entitles the subscriber to register one IP address used solely by the subscriber. Users can check their IP address using services such as www.whatsmyip.com or www.myipaddress.com. If for technical reasons it is not possible to put IP access control in place for a subscriber, Aqua Fluency Ltd will provide the subscriber with password-controlled access for up to 10 individuals registered with an email address of the subscribing organisation. 

Online access service level

Aqua Fluency Ltd uses reputable hosting services and will endeavour to maintain a high level of access for Aqua Strategy. Subscribers accept that at times the service may be unavailable, such as when essential maintenance is required.