Whichever type of organisation you work for, you need a strategy to be successful. From suppliers of water technologies and services through to utilities, from research organisations to industrial users of water, from investors to regulators, all need a plan to succeed in a changing world. Aqua Strategy's aim is to contribute to that success.

Aqua Strategy - here to support your water strategy

Aqua Strategy is an exciting new water sector publication launched with your organisation in mind. Published every two months online and in print, with extra content in the web version, it contains a unique mix of insight and information to help shape your thinking. Delivery of this independent reference point is led by Keith Hayward, who has more than 25 years of experience in international water sector writing, editing and publishing.

What is your water sector strategy?

Aqua Strategy covers the main themes you need to build a successful water strategy:

  • The issues and regulations driving action and investment on water.
  • The technologies and approaches that provide a successful response to these issues and regulations, and the strategies for innovation needed to get these to scale.
  • The marketing, networking and staff development needed to position your organisation for success.

What next?

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Aqua Strategy (Print): ISSN 2059-805X

Aqua Strategy (Online): ISSN 2059-8068

Aqua Strategy is published by Aqua Fluency Ltd. For more information, visit: www.aquafluency.com 

* Corporate subscription includes IP-controlled access at a single IP location, subject to terms and conditions (see Subscribe)