The case for combining SCADA data and network modelling

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Hydraulic modelling combined with the acquisition of water network data obtained through a SCADA system offers operators the opportunity to better manage their systems. A new technical paper from software company Bentley provides a resource for thinking about the opportunities this presents, based on the company’s product range.

The paper highlights the benefits of combining modelling and SCADA data to engineers, such as improved model calibration, the undertaking of forensic studies of past events, and the potential for real-time modelling. Operators can gain from better forecasting, and from gaining and understanding of their network at points where there are no sensors.

Opportunities for operators to use the combined approach include a better understanding of any atypical demands and in emergency decision support. Day-to-day uses include achieving energy savings, and dealing with pressure complaints.

‘All things considered, when engineering and operation teams leverage each other’s technology and expertise, not only does this improve decision making for each group, but a utility can realize a greater return on its existing technology investments,’ the paper concludes.


Water System Operations Made Easier – Enriching SCADA Data Through Hydraulic Modeling', Perrine Parrod, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Water. A Bentley Technical Paper, February 2016

Available at the water and wastewater section of the Bentley website. Requires email registration.


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