December 2017

Vigia Dam, Alentejo, Portugal. © mrfotos / Shutterstock
Vigia Dam, Alentejo, Portugal. © mrfotos / Shutterstock

Preparing for the impacts of climate change and taking advantage of the growing opportunities around renewables and energy efficiency represent two of the biggest areas of attention for water utilities. In this issue we get a perspective on both of these topics from the Portuguese water utility group Águas de Portugal.

We get an update too on the impacts that digital technologies are having in better managing the operation of sewer networks, with a look at the latest developments for the Danish city of Kolding.

We get an insight into the way that Spanish water utility Emasesa, which serves the city of Seville, is embracing.

This issue also contains a detailed assessment of whether water tariffs are achieving cost recovery for water services provision in Greece.

Issue 6 Volume 2