Whichever type of organisation you work for, you need a strategy to be successful. From suppliers of water technologies and services through to utilities, from research organisations to industrial users of water, from investors to regulators, all need a plan to succeed in a changing world. Aqua Strategy's aim is to contribute to that success.

Aqua Strategy - here to support your water strategy

Aqua Strategy was launched with your organisation in mind, to provide a unique mix of insight and information to help shape your thinking.

Aqua Strategy covers the main themes you need to build a successful water strategy:

  • The issues and regulations driving action and investment on water.
  • The technologies and approaches that provide a successful response to these issues and regulations, and the strategies for innovation needed to get these to scale.
  • The marketing, networking and staff development needed to position your organisation for success.

Aqua Strategy (Print): ISSN 2059-805X

Aqua Strategy (Online): ISSN 2059-8068

Aqua Strategy is published by Aqua Fluency Ltd. For more information, visit: www.aquafluency.com