Upgrade for water treatment design software

  • Technology


Speciality chemicals company Lanxess has added a drag and drop feature to its LewaPlus water treatment design software, with the aim of making it easier for users to identify process options for system design or upgrade.

The 2.0 release of the software allows users to combine treatment stages both for the main water stream and for retentate flows that result from treatment. The software calculates the water quality for each individual treatment module and automatically carries this over to the subsequent treatment module. The process configuration can be changed during the design process using the new drag and drop facility, including adding feed pretreatment.

According to Lanxess, the software produces a PDF report of all modules selected, and incorportes a product finder to allow users to identify which of the company’s Lewatit and Lewabrane products could be used to upgrade a plant rather than conventional ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membrane elements.

According to the company, the software includes a module that allows modelling of a closed circuit reverse osmosis system, for potential use in zero or minimal liquid discharge treatment process. The software allows planning of factors such as operating costs, power consumption and water quality, the company says.


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