April 2016

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Welcome to the second issue of Aqua Strategy.

This issue's cover story and the accompanying items give our first focus on one of the core themes of Aqua Strategy: utility management. We take a look at efforts in the Danube region to improve the way utilities are run with an update on a joint project between the World Bank and the Danube water utility association IAWD now starting its second three-year phase. This is complemented by a view from participating country Albania.

Our first issue included three features on the emerging topic of micropollutants, and we build on that in this issue with insights offered by Swiss expert Professor Hansruedi Siegrist about technology options and a regulatory model that offers a practical model for Europe and beyond.

Further features take a look at the regulations driving water sector opportunities in China and provide advice on how to do business there. Three of the other features are combined under the theme of innovation, looking at the opportunities presented by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme, along with insights from entrepreneur Adam Kingdon.

We hope you find the articles of value - please let us know, and we look forward to the issues ahead.


ISSN (Online): 2059-8068

ISSN (Print): 2059-805X

Issue 2 Volume 1

European Commission aims for new rights to support markets for alternative phosphate sources


The European Commission’s proposed new regulations for Europe-wide certification of fertilisers made from organic and waste materials represents a first move towards a circular economy. Sewage sludge is excluded as a source for certifiable products, but the Commission hopes to gain powers that will allow it to include the types of innovative products and technologies that are emerging. Keith Hayward reports.

The Danube initiative driving water utility reforms in eastern Europe

Cover story

A joint initiative between the World Bank and the Danube water utility association IAWD is just starting a second three-year phase. It aims to secure improvements in the skills and capacity of water utilities in eastern Europe and to further promote reform in the governance and regulation of the sector. Keith Hayward spoke with Philip Weller, coordinator of the initiative, about the essential contribution the project is making in the region, and the lessons for efforts to improve the water sector in other parts of the world.

Insights for water sector innovation


Adam Kingdon is looking to revolutionise network pressure management in the gas sector with new company Utonomy. This follows on from ten years spent building i2O, which brought an innovative approach to supply network pressure management to the water sector. Here he shares some of his insights into how to go about building business around new technologies. By Keith Hayward.

European support for water innovation


Innovation will be one of the regular themes of Aqua Strategy. To introduce our coverage, Keith Hayward takes a look at how water is featuring in the latest round of funding under Europe’s Horizon 2020 initiative. This aims to do more than just support research and development: it is putting huge sums of money into technologies that will find commercial success and support Europe’s competitiveness globally.

Expert insight: Switzerland’s early lessons on micropollutants in wastewater


Switzerland has begun implementing its 20 year commitment on investing in improvements to cut the release of micropollutants to the aquatic environment from its sewage treatment plants. Keith Hayward spoke with expert Hansruedi Siegrist of Swiss research institute Eawag about the emerging view on treatment options and the early lessons for tackling the issue in other countries.