Kamstrup and TaKaDu in intelligent water solutions partnership

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Intelligent energy and water metering solutions provider Kamstrup and IoT event management software company TaKaDu have announced a strategic partnership to offer an intelligent water management solution to water utilities around the world.

The offering combines the intelligent water meters and sensors of Denmark’s Kamstrup, which collect real-time data from the distribution network, and TaKaDu’s cloud-based software, which is used to manage events such as leaks, bursts, water pressure issues, water quality, and operational faults.

Amir Peleg, TaKaDu's Founder and CEO, said: ‘The two data-driven solutions are truly complementary, offering multiple benefits to our joint customers. With Kamstrup's intelligent water network solutions, TaKaDu's event management transforms data to knowledge, detecting and managing any significant incident in the network. The utility can identify anomalies early on, send out field teams if needed, and prevent potential incidents causing long-term damage.’


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