December 2016

Conventional phosphate fertiliser
Conventional phosphate fertiliser (© shutterstock / Fablok)

There is growing interest in recovering phosphates from sewage, both to cut water utility operation and maintenance costs and to meet the longer term aims of creating a circular economy. In this issue's cover stories, Aqua Strategy reviews some of the developments over the last year with available and emerging technologies.

Aqua Strategy is once again partnering with the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit, held in London, and we preview the event with an interview with Martin Shouler of Arup, who will be chairing a session on innovation at the event in February.

Other features include an insight into the priorities facing water utilities in Finland, and efforts to drive innovation in water supply networks at the UK utilities Anglian Water and Sutton & East Surrey Water.


ISSN (Online): 2059-8068

ISSN (Print): 2059-805X

Issue 6 Volume 1