August 2016

Sydney Opera House. Credit: Leelakajonkij /
Sydney Opera House. Credit: Leelakajonkij /

This issue's cover theme is water utility management, with our lead feature taking a look at how Sydney Water is aiming to transform itself into a customer-focused organisation. We hear from Dr Michael Storey about the innovative human centred design process the utility is using to achieve this.

Also on the theme of water utility management, we speak with expert Malcolm Farley, who is tasked with preparing the agenda for the Global Leakage Summit taking place in London later this year. We hear why both traditional and smart approaches are needed to ensure further progress with leakage. We also hear from Pernille Ingildsen and Professor Gustaf Olsson, co-authors of a new book, to get their thoughts on why water utilities need a new framework to think about the way they transform the data they gather using smart technologies into decisions.

Dr Peter Gallant, CEO of Ontario's WaterTAP, provides a perspective on how to drive water sector innnovation, while Trevor Hill of Fathom gives his insights into how to build a successful business in the water sector. WaterTAP is partnering the World Water-Tech North America summit later this year, while Fathom is sponsoring it. Meanwhile, Lydia Whyatt of Resonance Asset Management provides an investment angle on water sector opportunities, giving details of a fund targeting outsourced industrial water projects.

This issue also includes an update on Europe's early action on micropollutants in sewage, with details of progress in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, which has led the way on sewage treatment plant upgrades.


ISSN (Online): 2059-8068

ISSN (Print): 2059-805X

Issue 4 Volume 1

Why traditional and smart approaches need to be on the water utility leakage agenda

Utility management

Smart technologies for tackling leakage from supply networks are generating huge interest, but traditional approaches remain essential and are currently the most viable option for many parts of the world. Keith Hayward spoke with expert Malcolm Farley about these two aspects of water loss management and about how they are both to be covered in the Global Leakage Summit taking place in London in September.

WaterTAP aims for an innovation impact on the water sector in Ontario


The Canadian province of Ontario is one of the leading locations around the world in terms of the active support given to help grow water sector-related businesses. WaterTAP, co-host of the World Water-Tech North America event in October, is the sector champion set up to lead this support. Keith Hayward spoke with CEO Peter Gallant about his first year in the role and plans to stimulate greater innovation in the sector.

Baden-Wurttemberg extends its lead in wastewater micropollutant action


Germany has taken a lead on action to remove micropollutants from municipal wastewater. The state of Baden-Württemberg is at the forefront of that experience, and has recently seen its biggest plant yet come on line in Mannheim. Keith Hayward heard from Steffen Metzger, head of the state’s centre of expertise for micropollutants, about progress and the latest aspects under investigation.